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I earned a Master of Arts in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education from Ball State University and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, European concentration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. I changed my major 7 times in college, but I explain to people it wasn't because I was indecisive - I was actually preparing for a career in project management. (While that may not be entirely truthful, it does capture how I found a field that combines my many interests.)


I have been working in international higher education for the past 7 years, and I have gained a breadth of experience in project management, written and oral communication, intercultural awareness, risk management, event planning, digital communication, and collaboration across multi-functional departments. I have found that I thrive on taking complex processes and working with others from different areas to increase efficiency. An enthusiastic self-starter, I learn quickly and ask questions when necessary to ensure I am providing users at all stages of a process accurate information.

I invite you to click through the site to see past examples of my work. While focused in international education, many examples are transferrable to positions with a focus on project management and learning and development. If you find you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Core Values for Efficient Work Environments:


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